• Model ” 2R”
  • Bioelectricity
  • Food Rich in Protein
  • Biodiesel B2R-100
  • Acri2R
  • WaterPot
  • BioPot

Model ” 2R”

Exploits the potential of GHGs to transform them into 100% organic products, without dependence on oil. (Patents Pending).


Produced from agroindustrial biomass in anaerobic biodigesters with purification and decomposition system, using micro-organisms and triple gas filtration, being able to obtain a stabilized gas to be used as fuel in the generation of electricity.

Food Rich in Protein

Using waste of electricity generators (CO2 + H2O) are used as input in photobioreactors to generate biomass from Modified Unicellular micro-organisms “2R” containing high concentrations of protein, carbohydrates and lipids.

Biodiesel B2R-100

Lipids obtained of the separation of the biomass from Photobioreactors passes through a process called transesterification and get a biodiesel 100 named B2R-100.


Flat acrylic sheets or in the form of photobioreactors to be used in greenhouses, walls or any other construction construction, obtained by the formula and process ” 2R” of organic origin.


Hygroscopic polymer that is obtained from the artificial and structural modification of monomers of the waste of Biodiesel on the basis of the formula ” 2R”.


Pots Waterpot containing natural fibers in different granules to absorb the required amount of water and dissolved nutrients, to ensure its availability to the plant for up to 10 months, without irrigation saving up to 90% of water. Special use for planting trees in areas of low rainfall, maintenance-free system. Designs are made to the extent depending on needs, climates, soils and species.